Wrestlemania 32 Review – Part 2

The second half of our review takes a look at the three main events as well as the Women’s title clash and the memorial Battle Royale.

Street Fight – Prediction: Brock Lesnar

In the PG era hardcore matches are hard to come by, despite Dean Ambrose’s best effort. So fans were rightly excited to  see a gripping, brutal match which would bring back memories of ECW. Unfortunately, they would be disappointed. With so much press covering concussions at the moment, there will be no head shots with weapons in the WWE. This makes the whole idea of a street fight a little less vicious.

Ambrose did his best, producing kendo sticks, chairs and a fire extinguisher, as well as pulling out Chainsaw Charlie (which would not be used) and Mick Foley’s barbed wire bat (which would also not be used). The crowd swelled with anticipation whenever a big shot was implied, only to be let down again – the one exception being Dirty Deeds onto a pile of chairs.

Don’t get me wrong, this was a good match, with 13 suplexes and Dean’s trademark tomfoolery, but it pales in comparison with hardcore matches of Wrestlemania past. The inevitable Lesnar win came with a solid F5 to keep the lunatic down for the count.

Winner Brock Lesnar



Divas Title – Prediction: Sasha Banks

Never before has the Diva’s division been so exciting as it is now. The Diva’s revolution is in full swing and set to blow up further. The three legitimate competitors completed in the match of the night for the new Women’s Championship (which looks beautiful).

Throughout the encounter, Becky Lynch looked on top form. She out wrestled the others and looked fantastic in her own steam punk way. The crowd was right behind her and The Boss, who also fought valiantly. An instant classic at a brilliant pace and great set peices had the fans on their feet non-stop. However, in true WWE fashion, daddy Flair was the deciding factor as we would prevent Sasha breaking up the winning Figure-8 leglock.

Don’t get me wrong, Charlotte is a hell of a competitor, but this was the perfect chance to go in a different direction with a new champ. I think everyone agrees that the “Ric Flair interfering and Charlotte winning” formula is getting rather old. Much like the man himself. With the Diva’s revolution in full swing, it seems odd that this male Hall of Famer should be the deciding factor so often.

Winner: Charlotte



Hell in a Cell – Prediction: Undertaker

This match should have closed out the show. Its the one everyone wanted to see, and everyone had a different theory on what would occur: from run-ins to massive stunts.

Arguably, the pace was a little too slow even given the age of the men in the ring. Even so, it didn’t miss the mark. A couple of marque moments from Taker and Shane O’Mac led to many false finishes which wouldn’t have left a sour taste if they had finished the event.

But that one spot will be the one we always remember. The Money lived up to his reputation as a risk taker with one of the largest stunts ever preformed. Shades of Mankind I hear you say… (Seriously, what is it about the Undertaker which makes people want to fall from the cell and crash through a table?!)

The match would finish with a Tombstone in the middle of the ring, but the look on the Dead Man’s face as he reluctantly took the win shows the admiration and respect Shane won. Great match.

Winner: Undertaker



Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale – Prediction: Strowman

Yet to see the Wyatt’s, and from pre-Mania rumours, many expected the cult to dominate the Memorial Battle. However, we were in for a treat.

Firstly, and going completely under the radar, Tatanka appeared! Bloody Tatanka! Next surprise was the entrance of everyone’s favourite yoga teacher, DDP. And the final entrant: Shaq! The stare down between O’Neil and the Big Show was akin to that of Hogan and Andre himself.

Not much else to say about this match other than the spoils going to NXT’s own, Baron Corbin. If this is a call up to the main roster for the Lone Wolf, he’s made a decent impression already. Hopefully he’ll be able to build on this victory in his first ever Mania.

Winner: Baron Corbin



The Rock v Erick Rowan – Prediction: Wha??

What was that I was saying about the Wyatts? Oh there they are!

Following The Rock’s frankly bizarre entrance, down came the men with beards ready to show the world what they can do. The Rock did as The Rock does by hurling insults ech of the big men’s way before stripping off to show his wrestling attire. What followed was a Rock Bottom and a six second match which made little to no impact on the event other than give the paying customers an extra cheer.

As the Family surrounded the ring, who else but big John Cena came down to the People’s Champ’s aid. It wouldn’t be a Wrestlemania without Big Match John.

Winner: The Rock, not that it matters



WWE Title – Prediction: Roman Reigns

The main event. Wow. Ok, then. How do we talk about this one? If ever a main event was a toilet match, this was it.

The fans didn’t really care – aside from booing Roman throughout, Michael Cole spent a lot of time over selling every move, and Stephanie McMahon was just kind of there wearing something no mother should.

The two spots of any mention were the spear through the wall which was actually unexpected and entertaining; and the spear to Steph. Roman kicked out of the Pedigree because he’s so damn strong and unbeatable. Eventually the inevitable happened and Roman won.

Winner: Roman Reigns


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