NXT – April 6th

Not a lot of story progression happened on NXT this week, but following a HUGE TakeOver on Friday, I think that may be acceptable. However, there was still a little action to see.

The first segment looked at the new NXT Tag Champs following their victory in Dallas. No doubt this meant a lot to Jason Jordan who had to fight to hold back the tears whilst telling us how hard the struggle to the top had been. Chad Gable managed to keep a calmer head and paid tribute to his partner. This is just the beginning for American Alpha, and we shall wait with anticipation to see who will be their first challengers following the call up to the main roster for the Vaude Villains and Enzo and Cass.

An emotional and exhausted Bayley was the next on screen having lost her title to Asuka. The former champ looked, understandably, deflated but reassured us she’d come back better and stronger than ever! This might not be the news many fans who were excited to see her on the main roster wanted to hear. However, if the hugger is to invoke a rematch its sure to be a classic.

Its safe to say Austin Aries isn’t shy of confidence. The self proclaimed “greatest man that ever lived” gave an intense interview backstage in which he stated his intentions to prove himself as a threat in NXT. The style and tone of this talk makes it seem as though he – like many of the big names to have joined the brand – will develop as a heal despite his clear popularity. Can he challenge for the throne? Watch this space.

I’m not sure how soon after the main event Finn Balor was  interviewed, but he was clearly still panting and sweating profusely. This carried into his monologue as he states he has given is all and can no longer hold back the “monster” Samoa Joe. It would appear Finn’s time at NXT may be coming to an end, but the question remains whether it’ll be Joe, or another one of the plethora of talent, to take his throne. Joe himself simply looked as though he was ready to snap.

The only match of the night (and thus the main event?) saw Elias Samson take on Apollo Crews after the tensions had been building for the past few weeks. The Drifter – who sucks according to the Dallas crowd – infuriated those in attendance by singing a little tune despite their obvious displeasure. Thankfully, Crews was on hold to stop the show and get down to a bit of wrestling. The opening stages saw a domination by Apollo before a commercial break and a change in momentum allowed Samson to take the advantage. However, Crews showed why he is one of the best performers in the business by picking up the victory with his toss-powerbomb finisher. If this is the last we see of AC on NXT, he has departed on a high note.

The final segment took one last look at TakeOver: Dallas. A battered and bruised Sami Zayn paid his respect and thanks to the brand and it’s followers as well as the standout star of the night, Shinsuke Nakamura. This curtain call may be his last apperance on the show, one more chance to say thank you. Nakamura closes out this weeks episode, alongside Funaki, announcing “strong style has arrived”…


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