SmackDown – April 7th

I’m not one to watch SmackDown, at least I haven’t since the “SmackDown vs RAW” days anyway. But this week’s show really interested me for the first time in months.

Firstly, the debut of the Vaudevillains made me very excited – the former XT Tag Team Champions have been always entertained me. The manly competitors took on the Lucha Dragons in their first match, and picked up a very neat win. I can see Gotch and English remaining on the second tier show for the foreseeable future, but hopefully their rise is on the horizon.

The second match which excited me was the rematch for the Intercontinental title between The Miz and Zach Ryder. Without doubt Ryder was the overwhelming favourite going into this match (even without his father at ringside to cheer him on). Unfortunately, Maryse was there and was the difference once again. It really is a shame that the Long Island Iced Z still hasn’t got his big break, but there is definitely legs in this story yet.

Other than these two matches, it felt like a very standard show. Apollo Crews picked up his second victory; Natalya seems to be the next contender for the Women’s championship; AJ Styles continued his momentum with a tag match victory along side Cesaro. The show closed on a brawl between Kevin Owens and a heavily bandaged Sami Zayn – hopefully showing that Sami won’t be missing from programing despite his injury.


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