WWE RAW – April 11th

Let’s not beat about the bush here, last week’s RAW was a good ‘un. Shane O’Mac took charge (something which would be repeated this week too) despite his defeat, and we got a new number one contender for Roman Reigns. This left me somewhat giddy for the week ahead and the RAW which follows. However, this one felt a little more… boring.

I’m not sure how this happened. I mean, we started with a great match between Cesaro and Kevin Owens, both of whom should be at the top of the card anyway. The Swiss Superman is now the new challenger for The Miz‘s Intercontinental title (by the way, what was that Miz backstage segment all about?!) in what feels like a well deserved push following his exemplary matches pre-shoulder surgery. This result also leaves KO open to challenge for a different belt. Maybe the big one? That would be wonderful – he is a great man.

Everyone’s favourite Tag Team Champions were on hand again to cheer up our gloomy Monday, announcing a tournament to see who will be next in line to face them. Two of the first round matches took place: The Lucha Dragons vs The Dudley Boys; The Usos vs Social Outcasts.

God knows what happened in the first match. Immediately after a commercial break Kalisto appears to have broken himself. The botch filled match following that saw the veterans take up a win which can only be a set up with Enzo and Cass – who were on hand for some smack talk following the match. Its building to an epic conclusion, lets just hope the lads from NXT will take the win.

The second of the tournament matches (which was poor even by Heath Slater standards) saw the twin brothers win by a roll-up pin. This would have been entirely pointless had it not seen the debut (finally!!) of Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows who stormed the ring and tore the Usos apart. Granted, Anderson did throw Jay head first into a wall, but these guys look legit badass and may come in to conquer the division. What a time to come in too, just as one of their former members, AJ Styles, is about to compete for the WWE World Heavyweight championship…

Speaking of: Roman Reigns was booed heavily. Shocker. Actually, the shock came when the Wyatts came to save him from the League of Nations. As if ‘tweener Roman wasn’t already bad enough, hes having to be saved saved from the “League of Booty” by Bray Wyatt who is obviously in the midst of a babyface turn of his own. Does the WWE hierarchy think this will make people like Reigns more? Also, what happened to making Roman look strong? So many questions left unanswered. This would all lead to a fairly boring main event later in the night in which even Sheamus would get more cheers than the champ.

Women’s divison now, and despite the plethora of young talent in the roster, Natalya challenged Charlotte for the title. In all honesty, this was a fantastic match. But it just wouldn’t be the WWE if they didn’t ruin such a contest with a completely terrible ending! Seriously! Why? Either let Flair lose clean for once, or impose some ruling that she’ll lose her title if she gets DQ’d. We’re all sick of it.

Apollo Crews picked up another impressive victory against yet another Social Outcast. Nothing new here… Dear Apollo, pleas rename your finisher: “Crews Control”. Sincerely, Your Fans.

Match of the night by far: AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn. Two incredibly loved superstars fighting it out good and proper. This really should have been the main event. I wasn’t sure who I would want to see win given that it would either may AJ look strong, or would make the chances of Roman retaining at Payback less likely. In the end, “The Phenomenal One” grabbed the victory as his momentum continues. One question remains however: How the hell did Sami not break his neck after falling on the top of his head from the top turnbuckle? That man is a machine! This match does leave Zayn in a little bit of no-mans-land now that he is out of the main story, but it seems very likely he will face Kevin Owens in the near future – Payback is coming after all.

Final thought: the way it stands, we may need a new US Champ if Kalisto’s injury is a bad one. There’s a lot of unused talent at the moment and a solid push for one of the young guys would go down really well right now. Baron Corbin also needs a story line. Apollo Crews looks good right now. This championship either needs it’s own platform (be it for the smaller guys or whatever) or it needs to be the first step for guys new to the roster. I hope Kalisto will be OK, but if not, I hope for something good to come out of it.


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