SmackDown – April 14th

I debated for a long while whether I was going to post about this week’s SmackDown and that is simply because not a lot happened. We saw a bit of slight progress for the storylines containing Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose as well as between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

My issue with this big push with the Owens-Zayn rivalry is that it doesn’t feel authentic. It feels like the company is trying too hard to get over the fact that KO doesn’t like Zayn, and Sami wants revenge. That information is now clear to us, stop clogging up our screens with run-ins and rants.

As for the Tag Championship tournament, the teams you’d expect to win won. Enzo and Cass looked very good (as always), while the Vaudevillans picked up another win – albeit against a rag-tag team of Goldust and Fandango. I don’t get where this Golden Truth story line is going and I would like for it to stop immediately. Some of Goldust’s greatest work over the last few years was the brotherly feud with Cody Rhodes/Stardust, and this whole backstage affair just isn’t up to standard.

The only other match of note was a match between Emma and Paige. These women are both fantastic competitors and deserve to be right up at the top along with Sasha, Becky and Charlotte. However, either through bad booking or some backstage politics, these two have fallen by the wayside in recent months and its infuriating for the fans. Granted, having five women chasing one belt seems a bit unreasonable, but to demote them both to SmackDown appearances almost exclusively? I do feel sorry for those young women.

My final note on this show, and one I can’t emphasize enough: how the hell is Micahel Cole still the play-by-play commentator of RAW when Mauro Ranallo is clearly far superior? Not only does he call out actual moves and reversals rather than screaming “Oh my!” and exclaiming “There it is!”, but he also isn’t constantly trying to oversell everything. Sure, they both have to take on a babyface persona while keeping his colour commentators at bay, but Mauro manages to play peacekeeper whilst informing the audience what is happening in the bout. Anyone with half a brain will see that Ranallo deserves Cole’s job.


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