NXT – April 20th

On the whole, NXT does the basics right. Wins are given to those who need them, and storylines are simple and concise. When Enzo and Cass challenge American Alpha to a match, that’s what we got. No big mic talk, no messing around, just a match. And a great match it was too! This writes the textbook on how a slow, drawn out match can still be entertaining – and that is a credit to the wrestlers involved.

Something very strange appeared to happen in the WWE Universe this week. Firstly, Adam Rose received a suspension for violating the Wellness Policy. Then, someone with a gimmick very similar to his showed up. In all honesty, I hated Rose’s character. He was annoying and looked more like a 40 year old man still trying to be hip and trendy. So when No Way Jose debuted (seriously, whoever let him get away with that name should be reprimanded), I sighed a deep long breath. Despite this however, he seemed capable in the ring, and the crowd enjoyed it, so I guess he got over… I guess that’s not too hard when you’re fighting someone dressing a bit like a German commander from the early 1940’s. Poor Alexander Wolfe.

Deonna Purrazzo seems to have been getting a lot of screen time in the last few months, and her work in the ring has definitely improved. This leads me to believe she might become one of the higher ranked women in the brand within a few years. This caused doesn’t seem to be helped when she’s being beaten most of the time, but she is facing far superior competitors, so I’ll let her off. I think she might be one to watch for the next couple of years.

If there is one person in NXT I would not like to meet at the moment, it would be Samoa Joe. He is an angry, angry man. He looks set to destroy anyone who steps in the ring with him, which makes me feel sorry for Finn Balor if they’re to face for a third time. Apollo Crews was Joe’s latest victim, giving Joe even more legitimacy (as if he needs it) as the number one threat to the title. Apollo didn’t need a win as he is already over on both RAW and SmackDown, so this result isn’t too worrying for him.

One match the brand is definitely screaming out for is the Samoan submission machine to take on the King of strong style, Shinsuke Nakamura. That would be one hell of a fight! Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll see it until two Takeover’s time, as I think Joe will definitely pick up the belt at TakeOver: Revenge in June.


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