WWE RAW – April 18th

So, this week the WWE are on a tour of the UK. I know this because I am attending two of the shows and I’m very excited! Normally when these tours occur, its a fantastic opportunity to showcase some of the superstars in their home territory. WWE decided not to do this…

The first hour of the Monday’s show was exciting, entertaining and somewhat dramatic. We had Dean Ambrose, Shane McMahon, AJ Styles etc. and it all got off swimmingly. It even contained the match of the night – Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho. This start made me optimistic about where this show would go!

But then, out of nowhere (as Michael Cole would say), it just dropped. The segments became boring, the promos were too long and the matches were just there to fill time. Also, could Roman Reigns please stop doing the same crappy promo every week?! Even the main event between two of the best wrestlers on the card felt dull! If you look anywhere on the internet, people will say the 3 hour format just isn’t working. And they are right! There is far too much filler and not enough story told through the wrestling itself.

Saying that, we got to see The Vaudevillans and Enzo and Cass make their RAW debuts. They both shone to make it through to the final of the Tag Team competition, which should be a very interesting encounter. In fact, all the fresh blood looked good. Baron Corbin destroyed Fandango to continue his own rise; Apollo Crews beat (hopefully) his last Social Outcasts counterpart. Now we just need the two of them to get into some real feuds…

The one thing which RAW really made me actually think about is the use of the Bullet Club. It seems to me that they are setting up a fall out between AJ and the two new additions to the roster. In my eyes, it should go down at Payback something along the lines of: Roman accidentally spears the ref, Bullet Club come down, Boot of Doom to AJ, Roman wins. The only problem being that Roman wins of course. And if that leads to him siding with Gallows and Anderson, I won’t like that very much at all…


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