SmackDown – April 21st

Lately, it seems that SmackDown is doing all the storyline progression and wrestling which RAW simply isn’t. We finally saw the US Championship have some clarification, albeit that it’ll be a Wrestlemania rematch between Ryback and Kalisto following The Big Guy’s victory in the first match of the show. Now, we’ve seen these two fight a lot over the last few months, and it seems to be getting rather stale. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this championship is ideal for the new blood to come in and showcase what they’ve got, making a name on the main roster.

Yet more seeds were set for Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson to turn on AJ Styles with another appearance. Hopefully, the payoff for this will not disappoint as it is setting up for a full confrontation in the near future.

Baron Corbin is one of my favourite superstars at the moment, simply because he does what he wants. This feud with Dolph Ziggler is a good stepping stone, and Dolph will make him look great. However, he doesn’t need to keep attacking Ziggler as he is only setting himself up to fail. What’s the quickest way to get burried? Don’t back up what you say in the ring. Although, to be fair, this attack did gather a fair bit of heat from the audience.

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of the Golden Truth story currently mulling away in the background, but this week we actually got some payoff! On the face of it, Fandango vs R Truth looked like a bit of a filler. Throw in Goldust as referee, and we have something completely different. In a segment which was actually quite funny (something WWE often struggle with), Truth and Goldust finally got on the same page following some questionable dance moves and a short match. Maybe this angle has something left to give…

It could be something in the London water, but the war of words between The Vaudevillans and Enzo and Cass also made the crowd laugh! Granted, anytime Enzo is on the mic we’re treated to some great lines, but the contrast between the two teams is quite brilliant. SmackDown showed that you don’t need a twenty minute segment to build hype for a match, five minutes is plenty!

The main event once again saw a match between Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. As always, these four put up a great encounter (despite the rushed and strange finish) but it is getting rather repetitive now. I get that these four are top of the card right now, and the company doesn’t want us to forget it, but repeating matches against each other just doesn’t excite anymore. I’d much rather see the four men fight in separate, shorter matches to give themselves validation as far as winning matches. There’s plenty of talent in the roster, use it.


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