NXT – April 27th

The first NXT TV show since the shock title change last Thursday was eagerly anticipated to see the fallout from the live event in Lowell, MA.

We kicked off with a lengthy match between Asuka and Eva Marie which (no surprise) the Women’s Champion won. The first quarter of the show was taken up by this, and it felt as though it was promoting the Red Queen to show she could be a threat to the title. This wouldn’t go down well at all with the fans if this is the case! Firstly, it’ll be a great slap in the face for the Japanese competitor to lose to Eva. Secondly, there are plenty more women coming through who can do a much better job than Eva Marie. The fact that Nia Jax is acting as a sort of bodyguard to the Total Divas star proves that she is not ready to be challenging for the title.

The Revival were back on our screens this week, thrashing newcomers Jeff Parker and Matt Lee. The former Tag Team Champions are very good at what they do, and the aggressive nature they portray came over very strong throughout this show. This included attacking The Hype Bros following their victory. If it is become a regular thing for Dawson and Dash to attack “inferior” teams until they face American Alpha again, I think it would be a very good, characteristic storyline for them. I approve.

The penultimate bout was a full toilet match between Carmella and Aliyah. The short match resulted in a victory for the Princess of Staten Island. A dull match which had no reason to excite the fans, this was one of the worst matches I’ve seen in NXT for a long time! Also, I just can’t stand Aliyah. She annoyed me far too much on Breaking Ground and has done nothing to win back my support.

The King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura, defeated Elias Samson with relative ease. Despite the fact Nakamura can’t physically have a bad match, this didn’t feel like a main event. That could be because Samson doesn’t look like he belongs on the same level. The Drifter hasn’t jelled well with the crowd since his debut in December. He needs to spend a lot longer working his way up the roster or he simply will not be accepted.


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