Payback Predictions

So, the first PPV of Shane O’Mac‘s reign in charge of RAW is upon us. With the card finalised, I think it would only be correct for me to publish my predictions before the show. Let’s hope I don’t mess up too much…

US Title: Kalisto (c) v Ryback

The only match announced for the pre-show, the United States Championship, sees a rematch from Wrestlemania. I genuinely thin Kalisto has picked up a shoulder injurt despite reports coming out of the company. As such, Ryback will pick up the victory and pick up the title.

Baron Corbin v Dolph Ziggler

A new recruit from NXT against a staple of the WWE product from the past few years. Ziggler is great at selling big moves and putting young guys over. Ziggler himself needs a push but I can’t see past the Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin, for this one.

Enzo and Cass vs The Vaudevillans

Two fresh tag teams competing for a title opportunity. Gotch and English have been making quiet progress on SmackDown whilst Enzo and Cass have been making waves on RAW. Despite never winning the NXT Tag Titles, I will back Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy to win this bout and go on to take the title from the New Day.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens

The toughest match to call of the night. Both men could win this one as they both come in looking very good. Owens is a prize fighter and doesn’t believe Zayn should be in his sights. Sami is looking for vengeance following the beatdown lay upon him at Kevin’s hands. Despite the PPV name, I can’t see much Payback here, Kevin Owens will pick up the win.

IC Title: The Miz (c) vs Cesaro

Cesaro is in the middle of a massive push, he will win. Maryse will almost certainly play a role, but the Swiss Superman will prove too tough an opponent for the A-Lister.

Chris Jericho vs Dean Ambrose

I said it in my review of RAW previous to Payback: Dean needs a win! He’s been at the top for too long without a definitive victory to his name. This match may go the distance with many false finishes and probably some big spots. Dean Ambrose is 100% due a victory.

Women’s Title: Charlotte (c) vs Natalya

Natalya seems to have evened the odds by recruiting Bret Hart for this match. It is very symbolic of old against new, with two wrestling legacies behind each woman. However, I just can’t see the company going in a new direction at this time meaning Charlotte will retain her championship. Maybe a final farewell to Nattie who still requires eye surgery which would most likely end her career.

WWE Title: Roman Reigns (c) vs AJ Styles

My heart says AJ, my head says Roman. I don’t think Vince McMahon will let his pet-project drop the title this early into his first proper reign. As much as I would love to see AJ take the title and lead the WWE into the future, I believe the Bullet Club will cost him with Finn Balor at the helm. Roman Reigns will remain champion and will NOT become head of Bullet Club.

Bonus: The Authority or Shane O’Mac to control RAW

An obvious ploy to get out of the hole they’ve dug. This will probably be another cop-out, leading to a match between chosen competitors for both sides. This will be an unresolved event.


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