SmackDown! – April 28th

The final show before Payback threw up no real surprises or curve balls for the PPV. However, this didn’t prevent the show from having a few memorable moments.

The first such moment would be Roman Reigns doing yet another talking segment – and he didn’t use his crappy good guy, bad guy line! We also got a fresh match from this, a champ v champ encounter in the main event. Seeing Roman take on The Miz felt less contrived than what we are used to seeing.

My favourite match of the night was the encounter between the Social Outcasts and Enzo and Cass. This was made even better with The New Day on commentary and The Vaudevillans watching from the top of the ramp. An easy victory for the Realest Guys in the Room sets them up nicely for their match on Sunday. This will be a very intriguing encounter I am very much looking forward to. Also, the new full-time commentary team should be Mauro Renallo, Corey Graves and Xavier Woods. That would make all shows infinitely better!

Alberto Del Rio‘s comments to reporters a few days ago seems to have finally come true as the League of Nations has finally come to an end. The team fought between themselves in their tag team encounter, resulting on the Pride of Mexico and Rusev walking out on Sheamus mid-match. Presumably this will spark a rivalry between two or all of the members, keeping them in the limelight. However, this break up could have been coordinated better as it all seems very sudden and rushed.

Shockingly enough, we actually got to see Damien Sandow wrestle a match! It may have been a two minute demolition at the hands of Baron Corbin, but a match is a match.

One final point, and it regards the story I had no time for a couple of weeks ago. The back-and-forth bromance between Goldust and R Truth is a fantastic bit of comic relief in the middle of the show. First we had Goldango; now we have the Gorgeous Truth. This story must surely be close to a finish before it overstays it’s welcome.


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