SmackDown – May 12th

SmackDown looked to building on the few story progressions from this week’s RAW and add fuel to the fire. However, it was a very mixed bag (something we’ve come to expect from the show) of good and bad.

The show started with Dean Ambrose in the ring saying he’d take everything from Chris Jericho, beofre Jericho attacked him and put him in a straitjacket screaming “get crazy”. Firstly, this segment would have been a lot better in the middle of RAW as fans didn’t really seem invested in the show yet. Secondly, as talk segments go, this was short and got to the point – very out of NXT’s books. Finally, considering they didn’t get to fight on Monday, why didn’t Colin Cassidy come out and save Dean? Or are we just forgetting he got involved in the feud?

The first match of the night saw Rusev face Sin Cara in a rematch from RAW. This time the Bulgarian Brute, in a foul mood, crushed the Faceless One and beat down Kalisto for good measure. If the intensity of the former US Champion remains at this level, he will be unstoppable.

Following her attack on Becky Lynch on Monday, Dana Brooke debuted against the Irish Lass Kicker, with Emma at ringside. The former bodybuilder picked up the win with a jackknife cover off an Emma distraction. This doesn’t sit well with me considering Brooke is no way near the same level as either Becky or Emma. Not only should Lynch have taken the victory, but she shouldn’t even be in a feud with someone so inferior. I do think there may be a 2-on-1 match or tag team with a partner of Becky’s choice (*cough* Bayley *cough*).

With the Tag Team Title match on the horizion, Aiden English of The Vaudevillans took on Kofi Kingston of The New Day with the other team members at ringside. The two put on an impressive display before Simon Gotch attempted to get involved resulting in the three men at ringside being ejected by the referee. English would go on to pin Kofi with the help of the ropes for the win. Giving the Vaudevillans momentum running into Extreme Rules it seems very likely that they will win (which they certainly should). This sees the third heel victory in a row, I’m beginning to spot a theme to this show…

Following the brawl on RAW, The Usos faced Anderson and Gallows in a regular tag match with Roman Reigns and AJ Styles banned from ringside. The former Bullet Club members made their name in NJPW by being a dominant force, and they showed this in the opening period of the match. With this said, they’ll never gain credibility with fans if they don’t pick up wins! It would appear WWE just doesn’t like them. Not only did they dominate 90% of the match, but they were disqualified by throwing Jimmy Uso over the announce table – a really, really soft DQ! No wonder Luke Gallows took to taming the twins with chair shots. Giving this team losses is just one of many huge mistakes the company is making currently (but at least the good guys won, right?).

So, the strangest storyline in WWE came to a head in, typically, bizarre fashion. A match which started out as Goldust and Fandango versus R-Truth and Tyler Breeze ended up with Breeze and Fandango beating down Goldust affording Breeze another win. May must be the month of Gorgeous! Unfortunately, this probably means we’ll see a face-off between the four and this will be dragged out further still… For the love of God, sack the creative genius who booked this!

The main event of the night was one we’ve seen at least twice already: Cesaro and Sami Zayn against Kevin Owens and The Miz. Really, at this point, it means nothing. Apart from getting three of the greatest talents (and The Miz) on the show, this match has virtually no appeal. However, despite its irrelevance, this contest turned out to be match of the night (no surprise there) with all four competitors looking impressive (again, no surprise). KO ended up taking the victory over the Swiss Superman with a Frogsplash before the Intercontinental Champion would be the last man standing, giving his teammate a Skull Crushing Finale. Just 10 days from Extreme Rules, the Fatal 4-Way these four will be involved in is the most anticipated and intriguing match on the card.


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