Extreme Rules Review

Extreme Rules was supposed to be a huge step forward for the “new era”, but instead we seemed to get the same product with a few chairs thrown in for good measure. For a company which desperately needs to stay with the times, events such as these should be leaps in the right direction, not staggering to keep pace.

Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler

The only match on the kick-off show (which I think is a good thing, despite the men involved) was the rubber match between Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler. Despite being a No Disqualification Match, there was not the beat down by Corbin we expected. Instead, we were treated to a good match with clear storytelling which could have easily been placed on the main show. Of course No DQ came into full effect when Corbin low-blowed Dolph to set up his victory, but I feel it could have been more enforced throughout. Still, a very good match!

Winner: Baron Corbin


Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs The Usos

In my eyes, we don’t see enough Tornado Tag Matches, as the spectacle can often be very entertaining and somewhat crazy (not Uso Crazy). This was one such match. The Club took full control in the opening period, allowing only brief rest-bite for the twins. However, with Jimmy and Jay often showing resilience even Roman would be skeptical of, Anderson and Gallows did not look as dominant as they should! I fully believe this whole match should have been a massacre. At least the right team won in the end.

Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson


US Title: Kalisto (c) vs Rusev

I am so glad the Bulgarian Brute is back on track hunting for titles. The guy is way too good not to! This particular encounter showed that this was the right decision, with a dominant victory over the little Lucha. Rumours had been about that the champion was carrying an injury into the match, one which Rusev was more than happy to exploit. The challenger targeted Kalisto‘s back throughout before eventually locking in the Accolade to claim victory.

Winner: Rusev


Tag Titles: The New Day (c) vs The Vaudevillans

This match was ruined for me in the week leading up to the event when Vince McMahon came out and stated he hated the gimmick of the Vaudevillans. As such, I saw no way the challengers could walk away with the belts. Despite being on the cusp of victory on two or three occasions, the former NXT men couldn’t get the job done. I feel like there needs to be a change in the division as things seem to have become a little stale under the current champions. Maybe we’ll see change at the next PPV…

Winners: The New Day


IC Title: The Miz (c) vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro vs Sami Zayn

The match which seemed to draw the majority of the attention coming into the show was the battle for The Miz‘s belt. To begin the match, Sami Zayn hit his archenemy – Kevin Owens – with a Helluva Kick. This set the scene for the match of the night. Cesaro looked fantastic throughout and was hit with all three of the other men’s finishers for his troubles. In classic fashion, Miz stole a victory off one of KO’s Pop-Up Powerbombs whilst Owens and Zayn fought outside the ring. It is obvious that a match between Cesaro and Sami Zayn will be a massive hit in the future, but we’re unlikely to see that for a while to come.

Winner: The Miz


Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho

First things first: OUCH! I knew they had to pull something big out of the bag, but I didn’t think it’d be thumbtacks! This match seemed to be planned around a few big spots involving the various weapons placed around the ring. Unfortunately, this led to a slow, drawn-out encounter with very little actual wrestling. However, there was a sense of growing excitement as the match progressed (enhanced massively at the reveal of the tacks) which kept the audience on edge. Credit to Chris Jericho for taking the drop onto the pins which looked indescribably painful! After that, there could only be one victor, Dean Ambrose. Not wanting to be outdone, Dean dropped himself onto the pointy bastards during his Dirty Deeds to finish. Well played gentlemen, well played.

Winner: Dean Ambrose


Women’s Title: Charlotte (c) vs Natalya

I knew there could only be one winner to this bout, and I was actually quite looking forward to seeing Charlotte win clean for once. The boneheaded WWE Creative had different ideas however. For some unexplained reason Dana Brooke came down to ringside to spoil the decent match, and cost Natalya victory. This is happening all too often for the Women’s champion, and is ruining the prestige of the belt which could have so many, worthier holders. Sadly, this means we’ll be stuck with the kind of crap for a few more weeks. Shame.

Winner: Charlotte


WWE Title: Roman Reigns (c) vs AJ Styles

In the vane of ruining great matches with crappy endings, Creative weren’t going to miss this opportunity. Seriously, Reigns will never lose his title if he can’t be put down without a cattle prod! Despite hitting two Styles Clashes, one of which was onto a chair, and a dozen chair shots to the back, somehow AJ Styles didn’t pick up the victory. Roman Reigns can literally kick out of everything! Without doubt we should have seen a new champion, but an “Internet darling” can never top “Vince’s Guy”. The best thing about this result is the fact Seth Rollins was on hand to put Roman down after the match. He was met by chants of “Thank You Rollins” from almost all in attendance. WWE take note.

Winner: Roman Reigns


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