NXT TakeOver: The End Preview

Tonight is the long awaited show for many NXT fans. Although the ambiguous title “The End” led to a lot of speculation about the cancelling of one of the hottest shows in wrestling, it seems as though the end is in fact for a couple of long standing rivalries on the card.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs Tye Dillinger

A lot has been made about the arrival of Almas onto the NXT stage – we’ve had promos galore over the past few weeks. The former IWGP Intercontinental Champion makes his debut against one of the greatest jobbers in NXT, Tye Dillinger. From a booking point of view, it would make absolutely zero sense for Dillinger to win this as it immediately discredits Cien. As such, Andrade Almas will pick up the victory in what is sure to be a hard-fought bout.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs Austin Aries

One of the more intriguing matches on the card, and potential to be match of the night, Nakamura and AA go one-on-one for the first time in NXT. The lead up to this match has been very interesting, with both men going on a rampage through their weekly opponents. However, I don’t believe this will be the only match we will see between these two, and the final match of the feud is likely to be at TakeOver: Brooklyn in August. Therefore, I think Austin Aries will walk away with the victory, albeit an ugly one, leaving Shinsuke uncharacteristically furious.


Women’s Title: Asuka (c) vs Nia Jax

The NXT women’s division is currently one of the biggest draws in the WWE at present. And what better showcase than the unbeaten champion Asuka defending the belt against the monster Nia Jax. I don’t expect this to be a technical match by any means; it will certainly be a physical, bruising encounter nonetheless. I predict that Nia will dominate throughout, coming up with an answer to all Asuka’s strikes, but (similarly to TakeOver: London) the challenger will fall short. Asuka will retain, setting up a rematch with Bayley in Brooklyn.


Tag Title: American Alpha (c) vs The Revival

The Revival – or as I prefer Dash and Dawson – have done everything there is to do in NXT. However, they may be a little way away from a main roster call up with the tag scene on WWE being very strong. Conversely, staying on NXT may leave them in the wilderness. I cannot see AA’s title reign coming to an end, but I can’t see D&D not having the titles either. Coming off a loss at the last show, I think there is scope for The Revival to walk away with a defeat and walk into another feud to last until their call-up. Hence, American Alpha will pick up a clean victory, looking very strong in doing so.


NXT Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs Finn Balor

The title “The End” seems to refer mainly to this encounter. This feud has been headlining the show since way back before the turn of the year, but is yet to lose momentum. Finn Balor already has two wins over Joe at previous TakeOvers, but I can’t see him winning this one. The reasons are twofold: firstly, the NXT roster is beginning to become saturated with immense talent which is pushing for the top of the card; Secondly, Finn must be close to a call-up to the main roster! The best way to utilise him would be to invade SummerSlam,the night after TakeOver: Brooklyn, in an angle with The Club. Samoa Joe‘s reign will continue but won’t have the legs which Balor’s did, I expect him to drop the belt before the new year.



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