Money in the Bank Preview

In the lead up to this PPV, it has constantly been referred to as a second Wrestlemania. To be fair, this is a star-studded card, and one I am very much looking forward to seeing. Here are my (quite bold) predictions.

The Dudley Boyz vs Lucha Dragons

Talk about a match coming out of nowhere, this one is completely ridiculous! Not only does literally no-one care about this bout, but the victor gets no real prize either. The Lucha Dragons have been receiving a series of pushes, both individually and as a team, over the past six months. For that reason alone I believe they will win this one.

Winners: Lucha Dragons


Golden Truth vs Breezango

Hopefully, this will be the last we see of this feud. However, I must say that I kind of like the team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango – their chemistry is brilliant. After a multitude of losses, surely its time for Truth and Goldy to pick up a win and be rid with this nonsense. I fully expect this one to be a short, time-filler match.

Winners: Golden Truth


Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin

This one seems a no brainer to me. Ziggler lost the rubber match a few weeks ago, and then lost by DQ the next night. How this is still a thing baffles me. Corbin should dominate the Show Off and be rid of this feud for good.

Winner: Baron Corbin


Sheamus vs Apollo Crews

Sheamus has been a bit in-and-out since Wrestlemania, and it would appear he has a new take of blooding the new lads. As such, Apollo should take a well-fought victory – the likes of which we haven’t yet seen him achieve in WWE.

Winner: Apollo Crews


Money in the Bank ladder match

In my eyes, there are three potential winners of this match: Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio and Dean Ambrose. I don’t think the time is right for Sami Zayn to take the leap, and Cesaro is currently more apt for the Intercontinental scene. Chris Jericho is way past his best and stands little to no chance. Del Rio has proven that he can do a good job at the top of the card in the past and I believe he can do it again. Owens has been too long without gold around his waist, which is strange for the “prize fighter” he is. However, for pure poetry, I have to say that Dean Ambrose would be the best man to win the briefcase.

Winner: Dean Ambrose


US Title: Rusev (c) vs Titus O’Neal

In this budding feud, Titus has shown little in the way of character development to prove to me he can hold the belt. Rusev has become a bit of a monster in recent weeks, and that really suits his character. He will hold on, but this rivalry has legs.

Winner: Rusev


Tag Title: New Day (c) vs Vaudevillans vs Enzo and Cass vs The Club

This is an intriguing one. In my eyes, there has to be a title change considering the New day have held the belt for nearly a year. The most likely winners are either the Vaudevillans or The Club as I think Enzo and Cass can survive at the top of the card without the belts. However, seeing as Vince McMahon doesn’t like the Vaudevillans, it must be The Club to pick up the gold. I don’t think the New Day will be involved in the pin, setting up a rematch and then a well-earned break.

Winner: The Club


Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs Natalya and Becky Lynch

The worst match on the card, and the one with the least consequences, the only beneficial outcome would be Charlotte finally going solo. I think she may have an argument with Dana Brooke, leading to Brooke walking out on her. Against the odds Charlotte will win and prove why she is the champ.

Winner: Charlotte and Dana Brooke


John Cena vs AJ Styles

This is the dream match! And the exclusion of The Club really adds to the drama. AJ Styles has lost a few PPVs now and could really do with a big win. However, Big Match John has a reputation of overcoming the odds and burying the new talent. As such, Cena will win. Bold prediction: I can see the divorce of Styles from his team – possibly with the debut of Finn Balor as the stable’s new leader.

Winner: John Cena


WWE Title: Roman Reigns (c) vs Seth Rollins

This is a match the fans have been waiting for since Reigns picked up the title. Rollins is the rightful champ, Roman holds the belt. I suspect this one will be a slow, brooding encounter which will build to a crescendo. Unfortunately, considering he is Vince’s guy, I think Roman is the likely winner of this one. Bold prediction: Hopefully – similarly to Rollins at Wrestlemania 31 – Dean Ambrose will cash in and walk away with the gold, setting up a huge triple threat match at SummerSlam.

Winner: Roman Reigns (or Dean Ambrose if he wins MitB)


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