NXT – June 15th

Following such a successful show as TakeOver: The End, it was interesting to see what direction NXT would take this week amid rumors of the brand being raided by both SmackDown and RAW.

The first match saw the in-ring debut of The Authors of Pain, the team who attacked American Alpha last week. The team were so dominant that their opponents were never even given so much as a name. To be fair, neither of the Authors seem to have names either. The AoP won in quick fashion, ending the match with two brutal team moves. This is a brilliant way to create two absolute monsters!

Next we had a match with two named competitors: Carmella and Tessa Blanchard. Blanchard appears to be taking on a heel role, and will possibly see some more TV time with this new chapter of NXT. That said, she was comfortably beaten by the Princess of Staten Island, eventually tapping to the Code of Silence. Carmella rolls on.

Tag action now, and the newly reformed Blake and Murphy faced TM61. Thorne and Miller look a very good team, working at a good pace with an entertaining variety of moves. They even make the reversals look good! To end a good match, TM61 hit Thunder Valley to pick up the win. Blake and Murphy had no real problems, but it’ll be interesting to see how they pick themselves up from yet another defeat.

In a rematch from TakeOver: The End, Tye Dillinger took on Andrade Almas. It is currently unclear whether or not Dillinger is a babyface considering he is such a fan favourite. Similarly, Almas received a mixture of cheers and jeers throughout the match. The Perfect 10 showed a bit of a mean streak as he dominated a lot of the match, but succumbed to another loss courtesy of double knees to the face. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tye soon receives a promotion to the main roster.

The final segment of the night saw Finn Balor address his loss a week ago and his future in the brand. His speech was delayed by chants of “Thank You Finn” for a solid two minutes. He posed the question “What is next for Finn Balor?” to which he was greeted with chants of “Balor Club! Balor Club!” Finally, Shinsuke Nakamura‘s music hit and the fans went haywire! Shinsuke versus Finn is certainly a dream match, and if its the last we will see of Balor, he’ll be leaving on the highest of highs!


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