Money in the Bank Review


Golden Truth vs Breezango

Nothing says comedy like two men with serious sunburn. Not only did this ruin what could have actually been a decent match, but I spent the whole match wondering if the prosthetic burns would come off. From the outset there was only going to be one winner, and Golden Truth managed to pick up their first victory with Goldust gaining a pin over Fandango following a Final Cut.


Lucha Dragons vs Dudley Boyz

Not much to say about this one: a pretty bog-standard tag team match which could easily have been on RAW. The Dudleys dominated through much of the match, but were cost the victory due to yet another mix-up. A Clothesline on Bubba Ray by D-Von gave the Luchas the ascendancy. Kalisto hit Salida del Sol; Sin Cara hit a Swanton Bomb; the Lucha Dragons pick up the win.

Tag Titles: New Day (c) vs Vaudevillans vs Enzo and Cass vs The Club

I’m not the biggest fan of a fatal 4-way tag match, but this one was hugely entertaining. The big spots were, generally, executed very well and the teams worked off each other very well. To their credit, all four teams looked very good, and any of them would have been worthy winners. Unfortunately, the ending of this bout didn’t really go quite as plan. In the middle of the big ending breakdown, Anderson tagged in at the expense of Aiden English (leaving Big E and Anderson as the legal men). The Club then went on to attempt a pin on the Vaudevillian – which the referee counted. Big E broke this up, Kofi tagged in off Anderson and went on to pin English for the victory. Despite this big mess of confusion, The New Day remain as our W-W-E-Tag-Team-Champions!


Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler

For a match which never should have happened, this was actually quite good. The only positive outcome I could see would be for Ziggler to be manhandled by Corbin. However, The Lone Wolf showed some resilience of his own to kick out of a big Superkick. Eventually – and correctly – Baron Corbin managed to keep the Show-Off down for thee three-count following End of Days. Hopefully this will be the last we ever see from this feud – it is way past done now!


Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch and Natalya

The hope for this match was that it would see the end of this feud, and it appears as though that is the case. It wasn’t the most spectacular match of all time, nor was it the best wrestled, but it told a decent story and that’s good enough for me. Both teams worked well and each woman had their chance to pick up the win. In the end it was a mistake which proved the difference – Becky and Natalya accidentally bumped heads, dazing both. From this Charlotte hit Natalya with Natural Selection to pick up the win. This loss sent Natalya into a frenzy, attacking Becky and leaving her on the canvas as she stormed away. Looks like neither woman is in like for a title shot…


Sheamus vs Apollo Crews

This match was initially advertised on the pre-show, and that is probably where it should have stayed. Throughout the match, Apollo was outclassed by his Irish counterpart and was on the end of quite a brutal beatdown. However, Crews did manage a couple of big moves on Sheamus despite the uninspiring encounter. Despite being hit with White Noise from the second rope, Apollo Crews managed to catch Sheamus in a pin and gain the victory. This wasn’t the big breakthrough we were hoping for, but its another “W” in the column for Crews.


AJ Styles vs John Cena

This match was, predictably, a slow affair with both men feeding off the energy of the crowd. For the majority of the match, Styles proved he was the better technician, coming up with an answer for everything Cena threw at him. As for Big Match John, the ring-rust seemed evident at times – I suppose five months out of the ring will do that to even the most experienced guys. The entire bout felt like a game of chess, slowly building to a crescendo. The two biggest moments early on came when each man locked in his signature submission move: Cena’s STF and Styles’ Calf Crusher. The action intensified as Styles and Cena kicked out of the AA and Styles Clash respectively. The massive turning point came when Cena attempted to hit a second AA, but Styles accidentally booted the referee in the head – rendering unconscious outside the ring. This led to the introduction of The Club. One Magic Killer later and AJ Styles picked up the win.


Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The best and (in a way) worst thing about a big ladder match is that it tends to be a collection of set-pieces and big spots. This match was no different, with spot after spot after spot. However, these weren’t just ticking boxes but variations on signature moves which worked very well in this environment. The most painful was certainly Zayn’s Michinoku Driver to Owens onto the side of a ladder! Towards the end of the match, we saw a flurry of finishers onto/off of ladders, culminating in Ambrose and Owens punching it out on the top of the ladder. Dean Ambrose would go on to topple KO and secure himself a guaranteed WWE Title match.


US Title: Rusev (c) vs Titus O’Neil

I fully expected a hard-hitting, brutal match between these two, and that is what we got. Titus showed a lot more intensity than we were accustomed to during his tag career with Darren Young. However, he was fruitless in his efforts of picking up a singles title, succumbing to The Accolade. Rusev is once again dominant and can help lift the US belt out of the dirt.


WWE Title: Roman Reigns (c) vs Seth Rollins

Reigns against Rollins was always going to be a huge match. Roman has built himself up to be something indestructible whilst Seth is on the hunt to reclaim what is his. The match was a very slow one, with Roman dishing out a beating we are not used to seeing. There was not a lot to write home about in the first two thirds of this one, the real action came towards the end. Whilst Seth recovered on the outside, Roman stalked him and set about putting him through a wall with a huge Spear. However, Seth countered and Reigns was left laying. Back in the ring, Roman reversed a Pedigree which resulted in the referee being knocked down just before Reigns could hit a Spear for sure victory. Against all odds, Seth kicked out! He went on to hit two Pedigrees! Mike Chioda counted One-Two-Three and Seth Rollins is a two-time WWE Champion! Celebrations wouldn’t last long, however, as Dean Ambrose‘s music hit. He cashed in the briefcase he won just minutes earlier and hit Dirty Deeds to become the new champ. What can I say, called this one!


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