NXT – June 22nd

This week’s NXT was, once again, a great show. This brand continuously proves that simple, effective wrestling makes for a very good wrestling program.

The show opened to a match between Tye Dillinger and newcomer Oney Lorcan. The current path of the Perfect 10 seems to be a strange one. On one hand, he is receiving a huge amount of TV time and has the chance to showcase his ability. On the other, he keeps losing. I believe this is due to his status as a fan favourite – not something a ‘heel’ should really be classed as. I think he will start showing a bit of hatred toward the fans, and may even ditch his current gimmick. Lorcan really impressed me on his debut. It is clear he is a talented wrestler and could go a long way. Seeing how he handles mic time and different opponents may prove me wrong, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Anyway, winning your first match is always a good start, and he swinging Neckbreaker looks pretty cool.

I really, truly dislike No Way Jose. His gimmick is annoying and he hasn’t had a long enough match for me to become invested in him. This week’s match, against Josh Woods, was more of the same. I’m not convinced creative are happy with his finisher, as we seem to be seeing a new one every couple of weeks, and that is not helping his cause. The saving grace (of sorts) from this match was the possibility of a feud with Austin Aries following A Double’s attack on the Dominican. Maybe we’ll finally see some character development.

The return of Bayley is something we’ve all been looking forward to since her defeat at the hands of Nia Jax a month ago. However, she seems to be coming in at the shallow end, facing the less than high-profile Deonna Purrazzo. The former Women’s Champion dispatched Purrazzo in quick fashion, more announcing that she is fit and healthy than anything else. Bayley could do with getting back in the title picture soon, or move onto the main roster. She’s far too good for opponents of this caliber – no offense Deonna.

Sticking with the Women’s division, and the next match featured Nia Jax against Liv Morgan. I can only really take two things from this match. Firstly, Nia’s character hasn’t changed a single iota despite a second defeat in pursuit of the Women’s title. This isn’t necisarily a bad thing, but it can cause fans to lose interest in her. Secondly, the Powerbomb she delivered to Morgan was so devastating and powerful that it really suits her. If she replaced that crappy Legdrop with this brutal move, that is definitely a positive. As for Liv, she is another talented wrestler who must lay in wait on an opportunity as there is a plethora of fantastic wrestlers ahead of her.

The main event saw one of the biggest name in the brand, Shinsuke Nakamura, take on Buddy Murphy who appears to be going back to singles action. The most enjoyable thing about watching Nakamura is the sheer physicality he brings – he truly is the King of Strong Style. Another thing, which I’m sure I have mentioned before, is that he can have a great match with anyone! Fair play to Murphy for playing his part in the bout. Buddy looked fairly competent but was clearly no match for Shinsuke. I can’t wait for Nakamura’s first title match – he’ll blow the roof off the place!


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